Pale Hearse, LLC


Translation Services

Pale Hearse offers professional translation services to help Spanish-speaking families in their time of need. Unlike using simple automated tools, Pale Hearse translations convey culturally-authentic information to Latino families, which are unique to each of the 30+ Latin American countries. Our full-spectrum translation services can help any service provider overcome language and cultural barriers without the need to employ in-house personnel.

Written translations for Provider websites, custom marketing materials, social media and more…

Simultaneous interpretation to assist families with general information requests, arrangements and more.

Specialized Spanish communication with medical, legal, consulate, government and military entities.

Celebrating life is our specialty. Whatever the event or service request, our team of bi-lingual translators can handle any job!

Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States and promotes a rapidly growing market. Pale Hearse takes the hassle out of attaining truly professional translation services, enabling you to capture your share of those customers. Having your Pale Hearse professional translator available 24/7 is a distinct competitive advantage… it can be the difference between a family choosing your business or going somewhere else.
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