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Ditch the Shoulds of Grief


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“Should” is such a heavy burden to carry, what would it feel like to set it down?
Without knowing it, you’ve spent your whole life learning a system of beliefs about how you
should look, feel, and act in your grief. Unfortunately, much of what you’ve learned causes you
so much unnecessary harm. Sometimes these messages come from others (friends, family,
media). Even more insidious, sometimes “the shoulds of grief” are coming from inside your own
Led by Lisa Keefauver, MSW this 1-hour virtual workshop (plus 15 minutes Q&A) will be
educational & experiential, offering you valuable insights and practical tools necessary to ditch
the shoulds of grief that are getting in your way. In this workshop,
You will learn:

  • The cultural and psychological roots of the most common shoulds of grief.
  • The psychological difference between guilt and shame and its prevalence in grief
  • The principles and practices of mindfulness, critical for identifying the “shoulds,
  • developing self-compassion, and increasing emotional resiliency.
  • To identify the particular “shoulds” impacting your grief
  • Gain valuable insights and practical tools

You can expect:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Small-group breakouts
  • Individual prompts for reflection
  • A brief guided meditation
  • Q&A with Lisa Keefauver, MSW
  • $45 Registration Fee

Registered participants will be entered into a random drawing for a FREE guided meditation session with Lisa Keefauver, MSW


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